If you start this reading, it is because you feel interesting with the Enjoy Your Business adventure, and we thank you for it ! Indeed, you will have probably noticed – if you follow us through social networks – that the beginning of autumn 2017 has brought a lot of good news to our startup and its employees, but also many questions from our customers and our partners … Starting with the most important and most recurrent : what is EnjoyUp ?



Enjoy Your Business presents : EnjoyUp.io !

The question has been asked several times: “Will EnjoyUp replace Enjoy Your Business?” The answer to this question is of course NO! :)
EnjoyUp.io is a new distinct product totally different from Enjoy Your Business and developed in parallel.

For the record, it’s important to remember the ethical cross-fertilization that exists within the Enjoy Your Business team: a mix of passionate geek developers and experts in managerial innovation. The result of this alchemy was our first historic product, Enjoy Your Business, which perfectly blends the two worlds by offering a collaborative platform for companies that want to improve the engagement of their employees. The service offer was then improved with all the managerial support and the innovative methods necessary for the success of the projects of the accompanied clients (training of the employees, thematic workshops, monthly report on the engagement rates, … ).

But the rigor and the constraints that allowed us to raise our structure to the stage where it is currently also gradually erased what was the basis of its corporate entity .. the spirit of “startup adventure” innate to young structures. On the basis of this observation, the idea of EnjoyUp was born : to propose a pure-player product that will benefit more from the communication and marketing codes specific to startups, while benefiting from the experience and errors of its mother structure Enjoy Your Business.

After several weeks of discussion around this and future potential application ideas, our team was able to list hundreds of innovative concepts … without retaining any. Was it the fault of our board too regularly erased ..? Can we blame the number of ideas (note: all as great as each other) reflected every day?
That’s not, but the solution we were looking for was in our thinking process.

EnjoyUp would become the first mobile application to capture the best of your life.
In fact, it is to offer users (the “uppers”) an instant messaging application that can record all voice discussions in real time on personal talk-lines. From there, uppers can choose to manually “capture” elements of the discussion or take advantage of the wise advice of an artificial intelligence that will save certain passages of the discussion.

EnjoyUp.io is therefore a mobile application of direct messaging based on voice, capture and artificial intelligence, developed in parallel with Enjoy Your Business.
Your favorite collaborative app will continue to evolve and offer new features over time, no worries! :)

Register now to be informed of the release of the application: https://www.enjoyup.io/en/

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Enjoy Your Business is exporting to Canada !

The first real news for Enjoy Your Business was of course the departure in Toronto of our founding president Emmanuel Derrien. Because a startup can not be content to remain French, it was necessary to seize the opportunity to export our product Enjoy Your Business to the international, an opportunity that opened for Emmanuel in October 2016 during a stay in Canada organized by the Centre des Jeunes Dirigeants.
The opening of this subsidiary across the Atlantic will allow us first of all to deploy our solution in a new territory, but also to experiment new collaborative approaches in a country that is full of energy and is very open to any kind of innovations.







Laureate of the 2017 French Tech Tour America program

But that’s not all … The opening of Enjoy Your Business to the Canadian market could not have come at a better time than during our official selection for the French Tech Tour America 2017 ! This bootcamp – organized jointly by BusinessFrance and BPI France – has allowed about twenty selected startups to go to Canada for 2 weeks of seminars in order to appropriate the cultural codes of the American business and to validate strategies of market penetration. Two intensive weeks of exchanges between specialists of the sector and French entrepreneurs who will have brought a lot of knowledge to our team while validating and comforting the logic of implementation on an international market of our young french startup.








EnjoyUp.io exhibits at the Lisbon WebSummit

If you don’t know Lisbon, we will say that you lack some general culture, but we will not blame you … Regarding the WebSummit, the case is quite different :)
It is the largest conference in Europe based on technology and innovation. Concretely, it is a meeting place between the technological and digital communities and the world of companies and industry.
The meeting this year – which is located in Lisbon (Portugal) from 6 to 9 November – offers a broad panorama of speakers from companies and organizations all more different from each other (European Commission, Slack, Reddit , United Nations, Intel, Tinder, Microsoft, …) and does not expect less than 60 000 visitors, 2500 journalists and 1200 speakers!
The spin-offs of this event are very numerous and have a strong impact on the ecosystem of new services and new technologies, so there was no better time for our team to present the first Alpha version of its new product. .. EnjoyUp.io !
WebSummit visitors will be able to see and test our application in preview, which will of course allow us to adjust certain functionalities based on the experience feedback gathered on the show. An extraordinary event eagerly awaited that will take advantage of a big shot of communication while opening the door to new potential investors.

More info on the WebSummit : https://websummit.com/







A startup from Berry … at the CES Las Vegas!

You read correctly. Yes, yes, you read well. The Enjoy team will fly to the United States from January 9 to 12, 2018 to present EnjoyUp.io at the biggest high-tech trade show in the world!
The news was greeted with a really big enthusiasm in the office, we will not hide it. Being among the 450 select startups around the world to exhibit at the world’s largest technology innovation and consumer electronics trade show is not a basic announcement.
The EnjoyUp.io application should be released in a first final version by then, which will then allow to communicate internationally through the unmatched media coverage of this event.
For the occasion, we made sure that our team was … easily recognizable :)

More information on CES 2018 : http://www.ces.tech/







We hope you enjoy reading, we will keep you informed of the continuation of our adventures in a future article!
In the meantime, be well, and Enjoy! :)