How to succed on your Strategic Project or Medium Term Plan (MTP) ?


At this present time where business environment is constantly evolving, where companies need to be quick and responsive if they want to remain competitive in their respective markets, the lack of vision on the future and the instability of the activity imply that these organizations must implement a strategic plan that will make their issues a reality in the medium term.

This is called Medium Term Project (MTP), or Strategic Project.
Unfortunately, while the notion of MTP and its importance for the sustainability of enterprises have been appropriately assimilated by many leaders, there are still many failures in the development of such projects and their operational effectiveness.
Why ? Because certain key but unknown steps of the decision-makers have not been dealt with correctly at the right time.
The observation of the success of Strategic Projects in different organizations allowed us to detect and express the factors linked to the smooth running of the life of the project :



Every project needs a pilot on board: this mission is strategic and requires several skills such as leadership, listening, the ability to animate over time and direct access to decision-making on the shortest possible hierarchical circuit.
A project with a motivated pilot, accompanied if necessary by co-pilots and supported by a sponsor in the organization is the first essential brick to launch a business project under the best conditions.



The exchange with each member of a project team is paramount, the same goes for the participants of a global project.
To do this, it is necessary to define an effective communication, to test it and to refine it with ambassadors and relays to ensure that the objectives are understood by all and that they are in line with the strategy in place or the new ambitions displayed.
A medium-term plan is the ideal opportunity to set up or reinforce processes of acculturation and change of managerial methods. Obviously, this step must be the subject of a global communication plan which can only be effective if there is validation by all the members beforehand. Numerous techniques can be used to achieve this.



In order to ensure the proper execution of a medium-term plan or strategic project, it is necessary, on the basis of defined roles for each member of the team, to implement precise actions defined over time and – above all – to follow on a regular basis their advancement or realization.
As for the identification of the team, this is about to delegate to empower. Trust will act as a multiplier motivator and will allow for more optimal cohesion of mind and skills.



The brakes, negative attitudes or wait-and-see are still there and should not be ignored. They should be treated as early as the validation of meaning, but also to manage each interaction with the utmost attention. Because the expression of a member on an idea or a process is not necessarily easy to assimilate for all, to favor the contribution is the first thing to do:  for interactions to work over time, we need to interact systematically by simply approving or developing an idea or message.
Reserving analytical time, ideally in a collaborative mode, makes it possible to capitalize on a collective matter and the fact of doing it regularly then triggers a virtuous mechanics if one applies a systematic return to all the members of a project. The accessibility and ease of interaction between an organization’s member is crucial in this arrangement.



It is important to never forget to showcase what is good and what works or worked. This state of mind is essential for everyone to validate and realize the reality of a project.
Moving from strategic intent to concrete action in the context of an operational project will require a highlighting and diffusion of all the actions that contribute to the success of a project.
To do this, it will be necessary to take into account the different levels (strategic, objectives, projects, generic actions, field actions, good ideas) and plan the means, stages and frequencies of diffusion.
The successes to be valued during a project are many: they can be collective but also individual.



Establishing a climate of trust is a very important prerequisite and organizing regular exchange rituals will concretize this approach.
To listen actively, to question, to debate and to share his point of view or his analysis make it possible to move forward in a safe way, whatever the subject.
Numerous possibilities are offered to you: physical meetings and presential, digital, on gamified modes 100% collaborative, …
It is now simple to integrate so-called “agile” tools and techniques in favor of continuous effectiveness and a mastered vision of the progress of the work and the involvement of each one.



These key steps in the success of a business project have been validated with numerous organizations in a wide variety of sectors and demonstrate that the main ingredient of success is the commitment of all the stakeholders of the project: from management to each employee.

It is these combined actions and intentions that will foster commitment and ensure the success of any strategic project. And if you want to be accompanied in the smooth running of all these steps, Enjoy Your Business is here for you :)