The revolution of collaborative management is here !

Until now, companies followed a hierarchical structure, pyramidal and compartmentalized. Directives came from the top, and the objectives to achieve always came in the form of “How”, but never of “Why” we did it. Nowadays, this way of thinking is over. Collaborators need to understand their actions and to understand why they do it, and at the same time promoting their own personal fulfilment. It should be appropriate to change those ways of managing people, that showed their limits in time.

What is collaborative management ?

Collaborative management is a work method which claims collective intelligence and personal commitment: it fluidifies the internal transfer information, to facilitate resource sharing (material / immaterial), and to optimize the complementarity of each skill in order to assure a sure sustainability and to work independently.

In order to answer this, many tools can be used in many companies, like enterprise social networks, apps for sharing documents, shared action plans, and many more. Some collaborative platforms (like Enjoy :) ) propose to regroup all those necessary tools in one to optimize productivity and limit resources disparity.

Why should I choose collaborative management ?

This new way of managing people appeared to answer contemporary societal changes. In the past, collaborators had a sacrificial relationship with their work. They were ready to sacrifice some of their liberties in exchange with a stable job, which resulted in the use of a strictly pyramidal managerial model.

Today, things have changed. New generations refuse this sacrificial relationship with their work, they’re colliding with managerial models they do not understand nor recognize.

Collaborative management offer to these new generations the means to understand why they work, to thrive thanks to their job. The goal of collaborative management is to evolve together, to reach common objectives.  Leaders and managers are also part of the process since, while they work with thrived collaborators, the company performs with rapidity and agility.


The rôle of a Collaborative Manager

Today’s managers need to understand the motivations of their collaborators in order to let them thrive in their daily work. In this way, it will be easier to implicate the collaborators in the global company strategy, in a continuous improvement process. The collaborative manager must reduce the stress and frustrations of their collaborators, to give them more pleasure and senses in their work, by working as a team. Human must be in the center of the company concerns. Lister to your collaborators, believe in them : they will make it worth your while, and external talents will naturally emerge to work with you !

The four pillars of collaborative management can help managers to undertake their digital and managerial transformation.


In summary

The organisations must be more horizontals, more autonomous, without giving up on control. Collaborators must feel happy and thrived when they work for their company. That is, an innovative company which advance with them, by exploiting internal ideas, to better answer the market. Internal communication must be without walls, in order to give way to a “tranversal” communication, which is the key to collaborative management !