Managing engagement within projects : why is it important ?

What is employee engagement ? Engagement represents the involvement of employees in the work they do and characterizes their willingness to positively advance the company in its development. We can distinguish two types of commitment : to…

#StartupLife : Enjoy News Ep.1

If you start this reading, it is because you feel interesting with the Enjoy Your Business adventure, and we thank you for it ! Indeed, you will have probably noticed - if you follow us through social networks - that the beginning of autumn…

How to improve employee commitment ?

  Why is the commitment of employees mentioned?   In a time where the viability of companies depends on a notorious competitive advantage and where the competitiveness of organizations is needed, how can we justify that some structures…

The 6 keys to succeed on your Strategic Project – or Medium Term Plan (MTP)

  How to succed on your Strategic Project or Medium Term Plan (MTP) ?   At this present time where business environment is constantly evolving, where companies need to be quick and responsive if they want to remain competitive in…